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BY: Caroline Malott

Red Roof KuneKunes

​Red Roof KuneKunes is an AKKPS KuneKune Breeder selling Quality KuneKunes in Virginia & shipping throughout the USA.

Registerin KuneKune Pigs and why it is important

Red Roof KuneKunes

A KuneKune Breeder

Registering KuneKune Pigs and what is involved

Red Roof KuneKunes

A KuneKune Breeder

When I first began breeding KuneKunes I was fortunate enough to have a truly great mentor. Six plus years later we are great friends and often bounce issues, ideas and questions off of each other. Without a mentor I would have been lost when I first started breeding KuneKunes. This is the reason I am writing this article in hopes that others will have the experience that I have had from the start. I quickly learned my breeder went above and beyond her required responsibilities and offered a lot of extra help which was a bonus that I never expected! No book or internet chat room can replace personal one on one knowledge that comes from experience.

A breeder is more than someone who sells you a cute piglet! There are many responsibilities that are required of them by the registry to get you a registeredKuneKune pig. There are other responsibilities which are not required by the registry but many breeders including myself require it of themselves.

A good first step for someone looking to purchase a KuneKune is to join the registry. There is a lot of great information as well as access to the herd book and a COI feature that is offered. You do not have to be a current KuneKune owner to join!

When looking for a piglet look within and outside of your area for a reputable breeder. Look at both the breeders list and the membership list to verify that the breeder is a current member. If you choose a breeder that is not close to you there are a lot of transportation options if you can not personally pick your piglet up - ground shipping and air. The breeder should be more than happy to help you set up transportation within their schedule. Purchasing your KuneKune is a big investment - close and/or cheap will not necessarily get you the piglet that you will be happy with long term! Communicate with the breeders that you are considering. Ask lots and lots of questions. Ask for pictures and videos of both the piglet you are considering and also of the parents. Ask to see the parents pedigrees. If a breeder is not willing to spend time talking and emailing with you move on to another breeder. The breeder you choose is going to be the key to succeeding with your KuneKunes when you are first getting started! Remember you are trusting them to register your pig for you as well as take care of it properly.

Another great step before purchasing a pig is to set up a farm visit to personally visit KuneKunes if you have never been around them in person. Even if this involves travel it is well worth not only meeting KuneKunes in person but seeing a farms set up for them. You will be very surprised by the number of questions you will have during this visit and how many ideas you come up with for your own farm!

Okay so lets talk about the minimum required of a breeder to register a piglet.

  • The breeder must own pigs that are fully registered (not pet registered) within the same registry.
  • The breeder must own the sow at the time of farrowing. The breeder is not required to own the boar of the litter.
  • Only the breeder/owner of the sow at the time of farrowing can register the piglets.
  • The breeder must first do a litter notification either on line or via mail. Once this has been submitted the registrar will return the submission with assigned names and numbers which will be used during the rest of the registration process.
  • The breeder pulls hairs and submits them to UC Davis for DNA Parent verification.
  • The breeder must microchip/tattoo/ear tag the piglets.
  • The final step once all of the above is done is to register the piglets to the new owner.

Wow! Those are quite a few steps and a lot of organized dedication to get a piglet registered but that is the required responsibility of a breeder! All of this should be done is a very timely manner. I try to have papers mailed to my clients with in a month of pig delivery!

In the case of transferring a pig the current owner must transfer the pig on line or via mail or there is the option of the owner filling out the transfer form found on the AKKPS website and attaching the original registration pedigree and the new owner can submit via regular mail.

So those are the minimum / basic requirements of a breeder to sell a registered piglet but what about all of the other services and responsibilities that go along with selling a piglet but are not necessarily a requirement but the choice of the breeder.

A reputable breeder should help you with pedigrees and choosing pigs that will compliment each other and your program. The breeder should ask you questions about your goals - not assume their goals are your goals. This piglet purchase is about what you want to accomplish within your herd. The breeder should listen to you and offer helpful solutions and suggestions. The breeder may or may not use the COI feature of the herd book but should explain to you that this is an optional feature. There are many different farm goals such as breeding for meat animals, breeding for breeding/show stock, breeding for grazing animals/pets, etc. The breeder should be knowledgable of the different lines of KuneKunes as well as the breed standards. They should be able to explain to you how to read a pedigree and what each portion of it means.

Once you have picked a breeder and then in turn picked a piglet make sure that you get a contract. Contracts are very important to make sure agreements are extremely clear. The excitement of getting a new pig can make it easy to forget pertinent information and a contract will contain that information for both you and the breeder to refer back to. My contract is multi purpose. I call it the Take Home Form. This form contains all of the information needed - the clients information, the sale price, the deposit amount and method, the parents information, the piglets information, shot record, feed information, notes from the client, and transportation information. The form is started as soon as the deposit is placed on the pig and is constantly updated until the piglet goes home. I email a copy of this form with in 24 hours of receiving a deposit. It is a great reference for the breeder and gives the client reassurance on their purchase.

A reputable breeder should be more than willing to help you after the piglets go to your home if you choose to take advantage of this help. They should check in with you periodically to make sure everything is going smoothly and ask if you need any questions answered. During these conversations the breeder should verify that you have received your registration papers. The breeder should be available to answer questions when it is time to breed your pigs if that is part of your plan. They should be willing to help you walk through the registration process for the first time if help is needed.

Not every breeder has the same practices and not all breeders have the same amount of time to devote to clients. Make sue that when you pick a breeder you are picking one that works for you! There are a lot of great breeders and finding the one that clicks with you will be your most valuable tool in being successful with your KuneKunes. I hope that this article will help new KuneKune owners find a reputable, dependable breeder and I also hope this will help current breeders with new and fresh ideas for their clients.

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