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Welcome to Red Roof KuneKunes!

Red Roof KuneKunes embraces the value of the KuneKune as a multi purpose pig.

We are located located in Lynchburg, Virginia.  

Please feel free to reach out via phone, text or email if you have questions! 

 We love talking KuneKunes!  

434.660.5154 cell

434.316.9120 landline

[email protected]

[email protected]

KuneKunes for Sale In Virginia

Caroline Malott

Red Roof KuneKunes

My name is Caroline Malott and my husband Mike and I have been breeding KuneKune Pigs in Central Virginia since 2013.

Red Roof KuneKunes registers pigs with AKKPS (The American KuneKune Pig Society). All KuneKunes sold by Red Roof KuneKunes are registered on Full Registration or Pet Papers. Currently it is my honor to serve the AKKPS Members as their President.  I have served on the AKKPS Board of directors for a collective of 4 1/2 years.  I strongly believe in the value of registered KuneKune Pigs.

Red Roof KuneKunes offers KuneKunes that are bred for but not limited to breeding, show prospects, homesteading, 4H, therapy and grazing animals (pets).

Red Roof KuneKunes offers a KuneKune Mentoring Service to all of its clients free of charge. The service starts the minute you put a deposit down on a KuneKune pig and lasts as long as you need or want my help!

I am available to my clients 24/7/365 via phone, text, PM, email and FaceTime .  I have clients that I am still in contact with years after their pig went home. I have gotten up multiple times in the middle of the night to reassure clients during farrowing. 

It is my personal goal to mentor and help clients learn the right way!  The right way is not set in stone.  I can help customize individual plans for clients who have specific parameters of farming.

I encourage farm visits to Red Roof KuneKunes for clients that are close enough to drive.  For those that are not close I will provide FaceTime calls and videos to help you.


Red Roof KuneKunes provides a clients only password protected portion of the website that contains valuable information on KuneKunes that is not on the public portion of Red Roof KuneKunes website.

The Mentoring Service is my personal commitment to my clients and truly one of my passions.


Red Roof KuneKunes operates on 6 acres of land and currently has a herd of 7 boars and 17 gilts/sows. Many pigs in our herd were bred and born here in order to improve the look that Red Roof KuneKunes strives for.  We have 5 heated farrowing areas, 7 boar paddocks, a sow/gilt field and 3 weaning areas. In addition, we have wifi cameras in all of our farrowing areas to keep a close eye on sows and piglets as well electric for lights, fans and Premier 1 safety heat lamps.

All KuneKunes from Red Roof KuneKunes are registered through AKKPS which includes DNA parentage verification and a microchip or ear tag. All pigs are de-wormed and vaccinated prior to going to their new farms .  Red Roof KuneKunes does not sell any unregistered pigs.  Piglets are weaned between 7 and 8 weeks of age.  All piglets are weaned for a minimum of one week prior to leaving Red Roof KuneKunes.

Red Roof KuneKunes sells pigs throughout the United States.   Shipping is very safe and relatively inexpensive.  Please do not let your location stop you from contacting me.   I have several ground shippers that ship all over the USA and I will also fly piglets if weather and airlines permit.